Richard Luthy

Re-Inventing Urban Water Infrastructure

April 13, 2011

Dr. Richard Luthy is the Silas H. Palmer Professor and former chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and senior fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University. His area of teaching and research is environmental engineering and water quality. His research interests include physicochemical processes and applied aquatic chemistry with application to water reuse and management of contaminates in sediment.

His research has addressed the role of natural systems to enhance water quality and the potential for water reuse to benefit ecosystem habitats and urban aesthetics. His research emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to understand the environmental behavior and availability of organic contaminants and the application of these approaches to the control of contaminant bioavailability and the improvement of water and sediment quality. Dr. Luthy is a past chair of the National Research Council’s Water Science and Technology Board and a former president of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors. He is a registered professional engineer, a board-certified environmental engineer and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.