Olivia Gude

Evocative & Provocative Pedagogy: Toward a Culture Changing Curriculum

April 6, 2013

Professor Olivia Gude is a Chicago-based artist and educator who has become one of the most recognized names in 21st century art education. Born and raised in St. Louis, Gudewas awarded the National Art Education Association’s 2009 Lowenfeld Award for significant contributions to the field of art education. A public artist with more than 50 mural and mosaic projects to her credit and often in collaboration with inter-generational groups, Gude has received many grants, commissions, fellowships and awards. Among her most notable roles is that of founding director of the Spiral Workshop, a curriculum research initiative that motivates inner-city youth to investigate the pleasures, complexities and contradictions of personal, community and global life in the 21st century through art making. Additionally, she has authored many scholarly articles such as “Postmodern Principles: In Search of a 21st Century Art Education” and “Principles of Possibility: Considerations for a 21st Century Art and Culture Curriculum” in which she advances new paradigms for the structuring of visual arts education in schools.

Professor Gude is a much-sought-after keynote speaker, lecturer and workshop leader who has presented at many universities, school districts and museums. She has also been a featured lecturer at art education conferences in the U.S., Canada, Denmark, Hungary, Korea and Vietnam. Most recently, Professor Gude presented a supersession at the National Art Education Association 2012 conference in New York City.