Dr. Megan Franke

Unpacking the Relationship Between Classroom Practice and Student Learning in Mathematics: An Examination of the Power of Student Explanation and Engagement with Each Other's Ideas

March 5, 2014

Ketchum Auditorium in the Engineering Building



Dr. Franke received her Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in
1990. Upon graduating, Dr. Franke accepted a position with the University of
California Los Angeles.  Dr. Franke is well known for one of mathematics
education’s most influential research projects, the Cognitively Guided
Instruction (CGI) Project. Dr. Franke’s work on this project led to her regard
as one of the field’s leading scholars on children�s mathematical thinking.  In
addition to her work with CGI, Dr. Franke is highly regarded as a leading
scholar in issues of equity and diversity in mathematics education, particularly
in urban contexts. Dr. Franke is currently a full professor at the University of
California Los Angeles in the Graduate School of Education and Information

In light of her ability to leverage her scholarly work
to influence educational practice, Dr. Franke was recently awarded the Relating
Research to Practice Award by the American Educational Research Association
(AERA). Dr. Franke’s ability to bridge research and practice puts her at the
forefront of one of the most critical problems in the field of mathematics
education, heightening the impact of mathematics educational research on teacher
practice and student learning. She is also the recipient of the 2013 AERA Henry
T. Trueba Award for Research Leading to the Transformation of the Social
Contexts of Education. This honor further reflects the impact of Dr. Franke’s
work in precipitating change in both mathematics education and in schools.