Dr. Mark Collard

Risk, demography, and technological evolution in non-industrial populations

November 18, 2013



Dr. Collard is Professor of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University, where he directs the Human Evolutionary Studies Program.  The significance of Dr. Collard’s work was recognized in 2007 when he was awarded the Canada Research Chair in Human Evolutionary Studies at Simon Fraser. Dr. Mark Collard is Dr. Collard’s work spans the fields of archaeology and biological anthropology, focusing on both biological evolution and cultural evolution.  His research has emphasized key questions in human evolution, such as the identification of species in the hominin fossil record and the reconstruction of fossil hominin and non-human primate phylogenetic relationships.  Recently, his research has

shifted toward the study of cultural evolution, adapting methods and theory from evolutionary biology in novel ways to investigate patterns of variation in material culture from archaeological and ethnographic data.  He has been especially interested in technological evolution in Paleoindians, the first peoples of the Americas.  Further details of his research and a detailed list of publications are available on his CV (attached) and his website: